<p>It is easily adjusted and placed in the space. The modern design, with thin and clean surfaces, which highlight the modern aesthetics of the bathroom. Made of top quality materials that offer comfort and safety to the user. They meet all hygiene rules, while being durable over time. They improve the ergonomics of the space and aesthetically complete your entire bathroom. From materials, friendly to the environment, with respect for people.</p>
<li>Perfect aesthetics</li>
<li>Heavy duty colored handle</li>
<li>Anodized aluminum profile</li>
<li>5 mm clear safety glass</li>
<li>A fixed and an opening crystal</li>
<li>Possibility of mounting on sloping walls</li>
<li>Dimension of side A’: 35 cm</li>
<li>Side dimension B’: 85 cm</li>
<li>Height: 140 cm</li>
<li>Weight: 22 kg</li>
<li>60 month warranty</li>
<p>For cleaning metal parts of the cabin, use only water and a soft cloth. Do not choose Viakal type cleaners.</p>
<p>For all types of cabins we have a full range of accessories and spare parts.</p>
<p><img src="{{media url=&quot;wysiwyg/M9A-sxedio.jpg&quot;}}" alt="" width="478" height="230" /></p>

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Peso 22 kg


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