<p>The TIMUR LBP CREAM washbasin is made of natural stone and is a product of craftsmanship and not of mass industrial production. It is a basic characteristic of natural stone the presence of different shades, micro-organisms or holes which are not "defects" but part of the naturalness of the product. For this reason, each washbasin is unique and differs in color, shape and size.</p>
<p>Dimensions: Ø400×150mm</p>
<p><img src="https://b2b.karag.gr/media/wysiwyg/TIMUR-LBP-sxedio.jpg" alt="" width="243" height="199" /></p>
<p>The wash basin must be cleaned exclusively with water or with very mild water-based cleaners especially for natural stone. Using strong cleaners can damage the sink in a short time.</p>
<p>It is necessary to apply a natural stone maintenance product immediately after the installation of the washbasin and this application should be repeated periodically depending on its use.</p>

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