<p>Cement-based tile adhesive, modified with polymeric additives, for use on horizontal and vertical surfaces. It has reduced slip (T) and open application time (E). It has a selected granulometry of aggregates, great adhesion capacity, excellent workability and great resistance in different temperature conditions. Classified as tile adhesive type C2 TE S1 based on standard EN 12004 and EN 12002. suitable for bonding stone tiles, marble, granite, cotto tiles, klinker tiles and generally absorbent and non-absorbent tiles on common substrates such as concrete, lightweight concrete, plasters , cement mortars, self-leveling floors, mosaics, etc. It is used for bonding indoor and outdoor, wall and floor ceramic tiles, with an application thickness of up to 15mm. Consumption: 2.5 – 6 Kg/m²</p>

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