<p>Heavy-duty wall-mounted kitchen chimney with tempered transparent safety glass front, CTW 190w. Robust stainless steel construction made of high quality materials, low noise level with strong absorption and adjustment options. Easy filter cleaning without unnecessary expenses. Perfect fit and support, which gives the space an impeccable aesthetic in combination with your kitchen furniture.</p>
<li>Noise level 58 dbA</li>
<li>Suction power 500 m³/h</li>
<li>Extraction diameter Ø125mm</li>
<li>190 Watt absorption motor</li>
<li>Cassette type aluminum filter</li>
<li>Light and function keys</li>
<li>3 Speeds and halogen lighting</li>
<li>Stainless steel and safety glass</li>
<li>24 month warranty</li>
<p>Full range of accessories and spare parts.</p>
<p>It is easily adapted and placed in the kitchen area. The modern design, with thin and clean surfaces, which highlight the modern aesthetics of the kitchen. Made of top quality materials that offer comfort and safety to the user. They meet all hygiene rules, while being durable over time. They improve the ergonomics of the space and aesthetically complete the whole of your kitchen. Easy to clean with common commercial cleaners. From materials, friendly to the environment, with respect for people.</p>
<p><img src="https://b2b.karag.gr/media/wysiwyg/product_cucina/CTW11-sxedio.jpg" alt="" width="488" height="343" /><img src="https://b2b.karag.gr/media/wysiwyg/product_cucina/CTW11-60-klash.jpg" alt="" width="124" height="248" /><img src="https://b2b.karag.gr/media/wysiwyg/product_cucina/CTW11-90-klash.jpg" alt="" width="124" height="248" /></p>


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