<p>Built-in cistern for suspended basins. It is fixed to floors. Its construction is of great strength and structured in such a way that it can be placed beyond all means, even self-supporting with plasterboard.</p>
<p>The new built-in cisterns are fully insulated with expanded polystyrene. This insulation helps the built-in cistern to achieve excellent impact resistance and a double reduction in noise level. The volume of water is 6lt maximum. The tank is equipped with a brass double drain valve. Flush volumes can be set to 3lt or 6lt. The control board is not included in the cistern set. All models come with a 100/90 contraction which allows the drain to be converted from Ø100 to Ø90 as well as adjustable basin support strings adjustable for 18cm or 23cm diameter. The frame of the cisterns is electrostatically painted with epoxy paint, while the height adjustment bases are galvanized. The maximum suspension load is 400Kg.</p>
<p><img src="https://b2b.karag.gr/media/wysiwyg/T05-2114-sxedio.jpg" alt="" /></p>

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